Lunds Historiedagar

Lund History Day 1 June 2024!

Book Lund History Day already now! On 1 June, Lundagård will be filled with history.
You will see some familiar faces, but we promise a great number of new performances, guided tours and shows that you have never experienced in Lund before.
The Market Street will be filled with people, and scents from the food trucks will spread in the park.
If you prefer to bring you own picnic basket, there is a lot of space on the grass.

We will continuously release news and information about the different activities that we will offer.
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Lund History Day is a free event for the entire family and for people of all ages. We look forward to seeing you in Lundagård!

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Swish: 123 333 6377

Download Katederalskolan’s historical apps?

Why not download the historical guide apps of Katedralskolan? The apps are available in several languages.


Medieval Lund at Appstore.
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Lund History Day is organized with support from
Heja Lund, Folke Ljungdahl’s foundation and the Thora Ohlsson Foundation.